CMMVC6422E: The specified size is too big. Total size of memory across all features exceeds maximum permitted.


  • The maximum combined amount of memory across all functions other than FlashCopy® is 552 MB. A chiogrp command was used to change the memory allocations for an I/O group where the specified -size value (which defaults to units of megabytes) caused the total memory to exceed the maximum.
  • Alternatively, an attempt was made to create a large HyperSwap volume, but enough memory was not available to complete the request.

User Response

Review the amount of memory that is used by each feature by running an lsiogrp command that specifies the name or ID of an I/O group. Run one or more chiogrp commands to redistribute the amount of memory that each feature uses without exceeding the maximum. For more information, run the help chiogrp command.