CMMVC5978E: The operation was not performed because the relationship is consistent but is not synchronized. Restarting the relationship by using the -force parameter will make the relationship inconsistent until the background copy has completed.


Input transactions have occurred on either the primary or secondary volumes since the ConsistentStopped or Idling state has occurred. Because the relationship is no longer synchronized, the state of the relationship is now Stopped.

The -force parameter of the startrcrelationship command is required when the relationship is not synchronized because consistency would be lost by starting the copy operation. Submitting the startrcrelationship command on an unsynchronized relationship without using the -force parameter is not supported.

If a relationship is in the InconsistentStopped, InconsistentCopying or ConsistentSynchronized state, the -force parameter is not required, but is supported.

User Response

Consider using the -force parameter of the startrcrelationship command, if appropriate.