System pulse LEDs

The following LEDs are on the system board and monitor the system power-on and power-off sequencing and boot progress (see System-board LEDs for the location of these LEDs).
Table 1. System pulse LEDs.

Three column table for documenting the corresponding description and action for system pulse LEDs.

LED Description Action
IMM2 heartbeat IMM2 heartbeat boot process.
The following steps describe the different stages of the IMM2 heartbeat sequencing process.
  1. When this LED is blinking fast (approximately 4Hz), this indicates, that the IMM2 code is in the loading process.
  2. When this LED goes off momentarily, this indicates that the IMM2 code has loaded completely.
  3. When this LED goes off momentarily and then starts blinking slowing (approximately 1Hz), this indicates that IMM2 is fully operational. You can now press the power-control button to power-on the server.
  4. If this LED does not blink within 30 seconds of connecting a power source to the server, (trained technician only) replace the system board.